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DisplayNet harnesses SDVoE technology to leverage the power of 10GbE switches for AV signal distribution. Unlike traditional proprietary AV matrix switchers, 10GbE switches utilize proven open technology to move immense amounts of data in real time. The combined innovation, cost, efficiency, scalability and 24/7/365 reliability make 10GbE switches a vastly superior solution for AV signal distribution. The number of endpoints in a DisplayNet system is only limited by the number available 10GbE switch ports, and any switch port can be assigned to a Tx or Rx unit. DisplayNet renders traditional AV matrix switchers obsolete and is the ideal solution for small, medium, large and massive AV signal distribution systems.

Matrix Switcher Application Diagram

In Video Wall mode, a single source may be displayed across multiple screens or projectors. A video signal from a single DisplayNet Tx unit is sent to an array of DisplayNet Rx units, with each driving a single video wall screen or projector. Each receiver is assigned a segment of the video source based on how the wall is configured. The result is that multiple screens are effectively combined to achieve a single large-scale display. DisplayNet Manager® software includes a video wall configuration tool that can be used to create, save, and use a virtually unlimited number of wall configurations.

Video Wall Application Diagram

Each DisplayNet DN-200 Series Transmitter includes a built-in scaler to enable MultiViewer capabilities. In MultiViewer display, up to 32x different sources may be displayed simultaneously on the same screen. Source signals can be scaled to certain resolutions and composited in a nearly unlimited range of layouts. Common layouts include Picture-in-Picture (PiP) , Picture-and-Picture (PaP), Grid, L-Shape, I-Shape, and various other layouts that are completely customizable. The DN-200 Series Tx units can provide both the scaled output stream and the native source stream at the same time provided the aggregate bandwidth does not exceed 10GbE limits.

MultiViewer Application Diagram

DisplayNet Tx and Rx units may be used as a powerful point-to-point extender, without the need for a 10GbE switch. As an extender, the copper units support distances of up to 330 ft. (100 meters), while the fiber optic units support distances of up to 18 miles (30 km). These units provide a wide range of connectivity all over the 10GbE link such as HDMI 2.0 (or DVI), DP 1.2, Embedded Audio, Downmixed Audio, Analog Audio, High Speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbps.), 1GbE LAN, Bidirectional IR, and RS-232.

Point-to-Point Extension Application Diagram